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Pix (Image viewer)

What is Pix
Pix is a standalone image viewer that I wrote to put on CD's along with my images, Pix viewer is run from a single .exe and requires no other files to run. So it's simple to use and will work anywhere it doesn't need to be on a CD it's quite happy sitting on your harddrive. The Program is designed to sit in the root directory of your images and from there all directories and images can be accessed and viewed. Images can be viewed full screen or in the preview window. Pix viewer does not come in an installer you just download the .exe then just drop this file in to the root directory of you images.

Pix may not have all the features of some other viewers but the object of Pix was to keep it small and simple.
Currently supported image formats: .jpg, .gif, .bmp.


Simple to use
Most image viewer have a large amount of options that can be confusing, Pix keeps it simple and easy to use.


Preview your images with a single click.

Allows to activate a slideshow of you selected image directory at a time interval set by you.

Screen Shots

Main window

Version History

10th September 2005

  • Just a small change to the file list box, forced the background colour to white as some people using windows Skins/Themes reported this box would sometime have a black background.

22th June 2004

  • Gave the user some processing info because if the user is listing large listings of images it can take some time to load them into the app and could make the user think the app may had locked up. So I've added a small process counter.

20th June 2004

  • Fixed a memory leak that would cause the prog to crash in strange ways when navigating around large image listings.

Download Here

Download the latest version of Pix image viewer here.

Pix v1.3.13 (89kb)

Release date 10/09/2005
Downloads: 2348


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