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What is TotalSpoof
Ok, I hear you ask what is TotalSpoof. Well I guess if you downloaded it most of you will have a good idea anyway, but for those that have stumbled upon this program read on.

TotalSpoof is a utility to 'spoof' web sites; a spoof is a way of fooling a web site with security in to thinking that you are already in the site so the site thinks hang on this guy is already in so I don't need to check his username and password again let him in.

This software was written to test the security of my own sites; I can only condone any person that misuses the software to gain access to sites they do not own.


TotalSpoof gives you complete control and flexibility on managing you spoof list.

Delete Duplicates
Deletes all duplicates in the currently load list.

Allows you to mark your favorite spoofs for easy location, Your favorite spoofs are displayed with this image .

Sorting your List
This feature is useful if you have a large list, simply by clicking on the column headers will sort you list or you may want to sort by your favorites then a right mouse click in the list.

Allows you to have multiple lists and flexibility in your spoofing environment.

if you want to test a spoof then use this feature first and if the spoof is successful then you have the option to add the new spoof to your list for saving.

Spoof validating/scanner
This is not 100% more like 90% successful, but what it attempts to do is visit each site in your list and scans the resulting page for common errors like 'access denied', you have the option to delete bad sites as they are found or to mark the site with the dead icon .

Screen Shots

Main screen

Spoof Validation/Scanner

Version History

18th September 2005 - Version 1.4.4

  • Added a blue and white ledger background to the main lsit.
  • Fixed a few little things I've noticed.

11th Febuary 2005 - Version 1.4.3

  • Fixed the installer as it was not installing the 'Scanwords.ini'. This is used to compare key words when running a validate list.

2nd January 2005 - Version 1.4.2

  • Fixed the load/Save, all working now Sorry!!!
  • Fixed lots of other minor stuff...
  • Disabled the 'Close ALL IE's' as some people using SP2 had problems?.

6th December 2004 - Version 1.4.1

  • I have rewritten the Spoof scanner/Validator, there's a new file in the install directory called 'scanwords.ini' and this can be edited to search for key words that denote a bad spoof site. EDIT with CARE...
  • Fixed a bug with the spoof.txt file when you first installed TotalSpoof.
  • Added a update checker.
  • Rewrote the Install/Uninstall script to remove the program files/directories/registry 100%

30th December 2003

  • Software repackaged with all common dll's as some users having trouble. A jump in size but this should make TotalSpoof user friendly.

12th December 2003

  • Fix a minor bug with the Save routine, That was causing problems if you had an empty Spoof file...

5th December 2003

  • Rewrote the Load/Save/Export routine and got rid of that crappy screen I used.
  • Fixed a few bugs with a few things.
Download Here

Download the latest version of TotalSpoof here.

TotalSpoof v1.4.4 (1.4Mb)

Release date 18/09/2005
Downloads: 24796

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